Boating Tips: Winterize Your Boat

Dolphin Insurance Boating Tips: Winterize Your Boat

Boats In Water Lay-Up:

  1. Close all through-hull valves and seacocks for storage afloat.
  2. Winterize your engine in strict accordance with the engine manufacturer’s recommendations.
  3. Clean the interior and exterior of your boat to prevent accumulation of odors and mildew. Open and clean the refrigerator and freezer.
  4. Prop open all interior doors and hatches for maximum ventilation. Remove cushions or store on edge.
  5. Check battery to make sure it is fully charged, clean terminals, add water if necessary and make sure charging system is working.
  6. Check bilge pumps to ensure they work and that float switches properly activate the pumps and that they are not hindered by debris.
  7. Draw the fresh water tank(s), and run the domestic water system dry. Draw and flush the head holding tank.
  8. Top off fuel tank(s), to prevent condensation contamination.
  9. Use CSA or U.L. approved space heaters only-do not use household type heaters. Use only grounded, exterior type extension cords of at least 14-gauge wire.
  10. Do not leave vessel’s heating systems operating while unattended.

Boats in Dry Storage Lay-Up:

  1. Support boat with bow, slightly raised for drainage.
  2. Leave through-hull valves and seacocks open. Remove double bottom, hull, and transom drain plugs.
  3. Make sure boat covers will drain, are secured against high winds, and provide for positive ventilation.